I still love Funny Face – Vanessa Nicole on finally reuniting with her babies daddy (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Speaking about reuniting with the father of her 3 children yesterday, Venessa said “me seeing today, he was in a good state. He was fun, he was calm, the normal Nana Yaw that I know“.

During an Angel FM interview with Qupohie Okyeame, she added that ” after talking to all of us, he held me aside and he was like “Ama please forgive me, are you sure you still like me?” and I was like “I still like you“.

Asked if she’s happy and expecting a wedding with the actor, the mother of 4 said “we are just waiting for him to fully recover, every other thing will continue after“.

Funny Face's second marriage breaks down

Funny Face’s second marriage breaks down

screenshot of Funny Face's now-deleted post

screenshot of Funny Face’s now-deleted post

The actor and the mother of his twin daughters separated April 2020 ago whilst she was about 3 months pregnant with their third child. Things turned sourer after both in a social media drama accused each other of domestic violence, infidelity among others.

However, the pair reunited yesterday after Vanessa paid a surprise visit to Funny Face at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, where has been committed to by court order after his recent arrest brouhaha.

Speaking about how she felt about Funny Face’s arrest and reports of the actor going through depression, she said “I was sad” asked if that means she still has feelings for Funny Face, she said, ” I still love him, we have 3 children together“.

Funny Face's baby mama with his children pay him surprise visit

Funny Face’s baby mama with his children pay him surprise visit

Detailing why she claims she loves the actor but moved out of his home, Vannesa, who is also a budding actress said “sometimes in life, you have to give someone space to recover“.

There are some people when you are close to them they don’t see your value so when you distance yourself from them they remember that you need Ama or maybe I don’t need her,” she added and said more in the video below.

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