Nana Agradaa carved a section in Christianity and she’s pushing that agenda – Rapper Gibrilville | Latest Ghanaian Celebrity News & Hot Gossip

“Somebody mentioned this to me yesterday or two days ago that they found it interesting how she went from extreme fetish 419 to becoming, not evangelist, but evangelist,” she told Pulse Ghana’s entertainment editor David Mawuli. “I’m ‘yo, you can’t make things up.’ Like she’s carved a whole section in Christianity and she’s pushing that agenda.”

“As I said in my upcoming album, good things manifest; bad things defect. If you start things on a negative note, it’s going to end negatively.”

Gibrilville played a neutral role when judging the matter.

“If she’s converted to Christianity, and she is doing it with a positive mindset, then conversations like this could become obstacles in her way. People might say ‘Oh, she’s faking, and this and that’ and that can discourage her. So, I don’t want to be a part of the conversation that discourages her. If it is legit and she has the right frame of mind, then I want to encourage that frame of mind. She should stick to it, be strong in her spirituality and she will succeed.”

“On the other hand, if she is doing it as a rebound to what happened in cells, it’s going to defect. She is going to find herself in the same place, going back to fetish practices, 419 and doing the same thing,” he added.

Watch Gibrilville talk about the fetish priest-turned-evangelist below.

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