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A pressure group affiliated with the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Cadres for Accountable Leadership has issued a 14-day ultimatum to the leadership of NDC to produce collated figures or pink sheets of the 2020 elections.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the Group’s Convener, Livingstone Pay-Charlie insisted that the leadership must account to the grassroots of the party on their total votes garnered to improve transparency.

According to him, a series of protests will be carried out to drum home their displeasure in order to have their demands met.

“I have worked for this party [NDC] tirelessly likewise my colleagues. People have died during elections to sacrifice for this party, we are a group advocating for a course of accountability.

“Anytime you are put in a leadership position there is a responsibility for you to discharge. So I cannot sit here and speak for the leadership of the NDC, we have dispatched a letter to them, asking them to produce the pink sheets or the collated results within 14-days. Our comrades ought to know the truth,” he told the press.

“We are taking political leadership too cheaply in this country. People assume positions and they are not able to deliver their duties. Now, it is time to be sounding the alarm bells to demand accountability that when you are given a duty, you must discharge, if you fail, you resign and get out of office,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Mr Pay-Charlie asked the leaders of the party to render an apology to the Electoral Commission (EC) if it knows it accused the institution falsely.

“If they don’t know no shame, then they should keep quiet, but if they know what is shame, then they should own up, admit that they have made mistakes, all of us make mistakes and do the needful.”


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