Symposium on gender activism in international relations and diplomacy set for March 8

In commemoration of this year’s International Women’s day celebration, B-HeCK Africa NGOs Alliance, in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico will be hosting a virtual symposium themed “Global Reform On Diplomacy Inclusion And Empowerment For The Modern Woman Amidst Covid-19”.

This webinar is spearheaded by the gender activism arm of B-Heck Africa, Kuaba Mmo, which seeks to achieve its prime objective through engagement in gender development and activism focusing on inclusion, whiles projecting the unique contribution of African women to socioeconomic growth and general development worldwide.  The initiative ultimately seeks to challenge the young African female scholar to explore careers on the international relations and diplomacy fronts globally.

This virtual program will be hosted on Zoom and streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on B-Heck Africa NGOs Alliance on Monday the 8th of March 2021.

The symposium will host an array of diplomats as well as experts in gender, international affairs and diplomacy;

  1. E Abel Antonio Cárdenas Tuppia (Ambassador of the Gender Activism Initiative)

Head of Mission, Embassy of Peru in Ghana.

  1. Charlotte Osei

Lawyer, International Elections Consultant,

  1. E Anna Bossman

Ambassador Extraordinary, France-Portugal, UNESCO-OIF-OECD,

  1. Afua Boatemaa Yakohene

Research Fellow at LECIAD, University of Ghana,

  1. Martin Kaphui Tamakloe Jnr.

Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Founder & Chairman of B-HeCK Africa NGOs Alliance

The symposium will cover topics including:

  1. Diplomatic Power in various forms and how it can be applied to trade opportunities, allies and collaborators.
  2. Diplomacy – Education and Careers opportunities
  3. Movement building, organising, and individual action—how to link the global to the local and vice versa.
  4. The ethics of diplomacy, developing your leadership potential, setting precedents: Knowing what, when and how.
  5. Bridging the gender, race, culture gap for women’s empowerment.
  6. Mentorship on the international relations front – building up the women around you (Brighten the corner where you are).

As an organisation dedicated to empowering all Africans within the continent, B-HeCK Africa is morally pressed to lead the conversation on female inclusion in International relations and Diplomacy in Ghana. The mission is to get the attention of relevant stakeholders and policy makers to tune in and make the necessary shifts to empower females to aspire to careers in Diplomacy. The symposium will be the first of a quarterly series fronted by the Kuaba Mmo Foundation, the gender activism arm of B-HeCK Africa NGOs Alliance which focuses on women empowerment in the fields of Agriculture, Commerce and Education.

The program will also launch an all-female movement dubbed Ladies in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs (LiIRDA), across all academic and professional fields. This movement will propagate the tenets and ideologies of Kuaba Mmo in line with female inclusion and promotion of the topic of women in Diplomatic affairs. This movement will serve as an infinite vehicle for networking and mentorship for women in the said field and the younger ones with dreams of pursuing related careers and attaining higher heights.

To register for the event, visit: or contact: +233 (0) 24 993 4385/+233 (0) 36 219 6610 or email [email protected]

About B-Heck Africa NGOs Alliance

B-HeCK Africa NGOs Alliance’s vision of empowering Africa, enhancing trades, transforming cultures and inspiring quality livelihood Africans in Africa is realized through her arms; HELEH Africa, Kuaba Mmo, Brands Ambassador Africa Foundation (BAAF) and Centre for Youth, Culture & Local Government Enhancement (CYCLOGE). (Please visit )

This webinar is part of a bigger debate on the activism of gender inclusion and empowerment in all sectors of Ghana and across Africa. Visit for more information about other upcoming events and how you can partner or volunteer with us.

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