Why Should Abeiku Santana’s ‘Unnecessary’ Appointment By Akufo-Addo Provoke Any Sensible NPP Member?

It’s funny how Abeiku Santana’s UNNECESSARY appointment has provoked many NPP young people. I say unnecessary because I don’t see the need for an Ambassador for a FUND Government isn’t even ready to ensure transparency and accountability.

All it means is we’re raising funds for a few people to use or misuse the way they like. This should be the concern of intelligent party supporters. What they are crying about is useless.

Did Dr. Edward Mahama of the PNC campaign for Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP be rewarded with Ambassador at Large position or there’s nobody who worked so hard for the party that deserved that appointment more?

What about Ernest Owusu Bempah? Is NDP a subsidiary NPP party? Or, did he work for NPP more than Andy Abrokwa and Solomon Kusi did for the party?

Based on which party dedicated contributions did they accept Sylvia’s appointment as Ambassador?

Akpalu took a huge contract from NPP Administration that many hardworking footsoldiers can never get a quarter of till they die. I can go on and on.

So, the only reason they can’t sleep is that Abeiku Santana campaigned for or is an NDC. If they can’t work with the NDC why are they calling on the NDC Parliamentarians to do what they aren’t ready to do?

Confused people. How many of you can occupy that one position?

Instead of holding government accountable and ensuring they deliver their promise of building a vibrant economy that supports business growth and expansion so that we could exploit income-generating opportunities they’re here crying over a single needless position so passionately.

They didn’t cry when the government arrested footsoldiers and poor youth for galamseying only to allow few party functionaries to use their seized excavators to do the very galamsey people who may have voted for your party were arrested for. Why? Or, were they thinking those poor galamseyers were all NDC supporters who deserved to be treated that way?

They should as well have wailed when Abraham Atta was appointed FSHS Ambassador because they’ve children too who could do that better than him.

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